experience and knowledge

the Green Building Team

We are accomplished green building professionals who work with organizations to improve their efficiencies and promote sustainable best practices. Our founders have many years of experience across the energy, sustainability, and green building world which allows us to offer our comprehensive understanding and integrative perspective to sustainability that is second to none.  We thoroughly understand the drivers of green building and use this knowledge to help our clients improve their programs.

We recognize the there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to sustainability, and are skilled at translating highly technical concepts to extract purpose and accentuate organizational value, helping our clients to move past sustainability as a buzzword and towards meaningful implementation of its concepts.

Let us help make your program a success!

Our Experience

With over 15 years in the energy and sustainability world, we’ve made a lot of impact.  Below are a few select examples of our founders’ collective experience.

Having only recently established an Office of Sustainability, this university needed help establishing the management processes and systems needed to maintain their certification programs.  We worked with them to establish ongoing documentation management for the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) and lay the foundation for LEED certification for all of their future construction.

Focused on continually driving the sustainable building market forward, this organization needed operational solutions that were robust enough to do the job, yet flexible enough to withstand the changing landscape of certification programs.  We helped to design a system-agnostic certification platform which could be applied to new certification systems “out of the box”, allowing them to move away from spreadsheet-based program management.

With a variety of ever-changing laws, executive orders and guidance documents governing the application of green building practices in the federal sector, it can be challenging to remain current while concurrently focused on your primary mission.  We serve as the subject matter expert for federal government clients in everything involving high performance sustainable buildings, allowing them to focus on their core mission, while leaving the sustainable building details to someone they can trust.

With millions of square feet of building space to manage, and dozens of concurrently running building certifications in a multitude of platforms, it is imperative that one of the largest international commercial real-estate companies have an effective system and processes to document and organize this information for use.  The foundation for these programs was a means for building managers to track LEED and Energy Star certifications, while being able to reference that information for future application.